Primerica vs. World Financial Group: A Comprehensive Comparison

Primerica or WFG


Choosing the right company to work for or invest in is a critical decision, especially in the financial services industry. Two prominent names in this sector are Primerica and World Financial Group (WFG). To help you make an informed choice, we’ve conducted a detailed comparative analysis based on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros and cons, job openings, and more. This article will provide valuable insights into how these companies compare and help you make an informed decision.

Company Overview:

Let’s start by comparing the basic information about Primerica and World Financial Group:

AspectPrimericaWorld Financial Group
IndustryInsurance CarriersInvestment & Asset Management
Core ServicesFinancial products and services, including life insurance, mutual funds, and other investment productsFinancial planning and advisory services, including insurance, retirement planning, and investments
Employee ReviewsOverall rating of 3.9 stars based on 1,665 reviewsOverall rating of 4.0 stars based on 968 reviews


Salary comparison is crucial when considering employment options. Here’s a breakdown of the average salaries in both companies for specific roles:

PositionPrimerica Salary (Average)WFG Salary (Average)
Insurance Agent$57,322 per year$58,330 per year
Financial Advisor / Financial Professional$67,354 per year$60,532 per year
District Leader / Manager$74,916 per year$67,860 per year

Employee Ratings:

Employee ratings offer insights into the overall work experience at both companies. Here’s how Primerica and WFG compare in various areas:

AspectPrimerica Rating (out of 5)WFG Rating (out of 5)
Culture & Values4.24.0
Diversity & Inclusion4.44.3
Work-life Balance4.24.0
Senior Management4.04.0
Compensation & Benefits3.93.8
Career Opportunities4.14.1

Employee Sentiment:

Understanding how employees feel about their companies can provide valuable insights. Here’s a summary of employee sentiment for both companies:


  • CEO Approval: 89%
  • Recommend to a Friend: 76%
  • Positive Business Outlook: 77%

World Financial Group:

  • CEO Approval: 73%
  • Recommend to a Friend: 71%
  • Positive Business Outlook: 73%

Pros and Cons:

Based on employee reviews, we’ve summarized some of the pros and cons for both companies:

Primerica Pros:

  • High praise for “Unlimited income potential” (mentioned in 63 reviews).
  • Positive sentiments toward part-time opportunities (mentioned in 73 reviews).

Primerica Cons:

  • Some mention the stigma associated with the company name.

World Financial Group Pros:

  • Similar appreciation for “Unlimited income potential” (mentioned in 21 reviews).
  • Positive comments about part-time roles (mentioned in 38 reviews).

World Financial Group Cons:

  • Mention of challenges related to recruiting friends and family.

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In this comprehensive comparison, we’ve analyzed key aspects of Primerica and World Financial Group, including salaries, employee ratings, pros and cons, and more. Both companies offer unique opportunities and experiences, and the choice between them should align with your personal and career goals.

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