New York Life vs. Primerica: A Comprehensive Comparison

New York Life vs. Primerica


Choosing the right company in the insurance and financial services sector is vital for your career or financial planning needs. Two prominent companies in this industry are New York Life and Primerica. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve conducted a thorough comparative analysis based on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros and cons, job openings, and more. This article aims to provide valuable insights into how these two companies stack against each other.

Company Overview:

Let’s start with a brief overview of New York Life and Primerica:

AspectNew York LifePrimerica
IndustryInsurance Agencies & BrokeragesInsurance Carriers
Employee ReviewsOverall rating of 3.7 stars based on 4,441 reviewsOverall rating of 3.9 stars based on 1,665 reviews


Salary comparison is crucial when evaluating employment opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of the average salaries for specific roles at both companies:

PositionNew York Life Salary (Average)Primerica Salary (Average)
Insurance Agent$65,433 per year$57,322 per year
Financial Advisor$72,572 per year$67,354 per year
Customer Service Representative$39,654 per year$38,295 per year

Employee Ratings:

Employee ratings provide valuable insights into the overall work experience at both companies. Here’s a comparison of how New York Life and Primerica fare in various areas:

AspectNew York Life RatingPrimerica Rating
Overall Rating3.73.9
Culture & Values4.04.4
Diversity & Inclusion3.84.2
Work-life Balance3.84.2
Senior Management3.54.0
Compensation & Benefits3.53.9
Career Opportunities3.74.1
CEO Approval83%89%
Recommend to a Friend63%77%
Positive Business Outlook63%77%

Employee Sentiment:

Understanding employee sentiment can be critical in assessing workplace satisfaction. Here’s a summary of how employees feel about their respective companies:

New York Life:

  • CEO Approval: 83%
  • Recommend to a Friend: 63%
  • Positive Business Outlook: 63%
  • The most mentioned Pro: “Work-life balance.”


  • CEO Approval: 89%
  • Recommend to a Friend: 77%
  • Positive Business Outlook: 77%
  • Most mentioned Pro: “Unlimited income potential.”

Pros and Cons:

Based on employee reviews, here are some of the pros and cons for both companies:

New York Life Pros:

  • High praise for “Work-life balance” (mentioned in 175 reviews).
  • Positive feedback about “Great training.”

New York Life Cons:

  • Mention of “Commission only isn’t for everyone.”

Primerica Pros:

  • Positive sentiments about “Unlimited income potential” (mentioned in 63 reviews).
  • Favorable comments about part-time opportunities.

Primerica Cons:

  • Mention of challenges related to “Friends and family.”


In this comprehensive comparison, we’ve analyzed key aspects of New York Life and Primerica, including salaries, employee ratings, pros and cons, and more. Both companies offer unique opportunities and experiences, and choosing between them should align with your personal and career goals.

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